ASA Succession Planning Workshops Gives Peace of Mind for Protecting the Family Farm

After years of planting crops, you may feel a great sense of pride, but also wonder: what will become of your hard work on the land? ASA and eLegacyConnect can help give you peace and protect your family farm legacy through the information shared at ASA's attending one of our Succession Planning Workshops and protect your family's legacy. The workshops titled "Five Keys to Effective Succession Planning," are sponsored by Farm Credit and AGCO, Illinois Soybean Association, Kentucky Soybean Association, Michigan Soybean Association and Ohio Soybean Association. For more information and to register, highlight following link, copy it, and then paste it in your internet address bar.

Welcome to Tennessee Soybean.

There is information for farmers, consumers, educators, etc. Providing our farmers with the most up-to-date research is one of our most important jobs.  Farmers throughout the state rely on this research to provide safe, affordable food to consumers. Consumers might be interested in the Products and Nutrition sections. Soybeans are in everything! Finally, our education section includes teacher tools, an activity book, and interesting agriculture tidbits. If you are interested in teaching your class about soybeans and need more information please contact the soybean office.




This website has been developed to provide information to those interested in Tennessee soybeans and agriculture. The following entities are represented on this website: 


Each of these branches of Tennessee Soybean is composed of Tennessee farmers with the primary interest of continuing growth in soybean's vast array of applications. Supporting Tennessee agriculture is one of the most important objectives of these organizations.  Click on any of the icons above to see an overview of each operation.

  Soybean Updates

Click here for the latest Tennessee Soybean news and to view our upcoming events calendar!

  • Promotion Board is seeking nominations to serve on the United Soybean Board
  • 'What is a Farmer?' - Winning Essay written by Isaac Keller  Click here
  • NOW AVAILABLE: The Amazing Soybean Poster Click here
  • Virtual Soybean Scout School- a video series focused on helping farmers prepare for scouting in their own soybean fields.  Click here to view videos.
  • Everything but the Free Lunch- Click here
  • County Farmer Meetings- Please contact the soybean office for more information about a county meeting in your area.
  • Tennessee Young Farmers and Ranchers Take Home Top Honors-  Read More



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